When your asphalt shingle roof starts looking wavy or rippled, it’s a sign that there are underlying issues that you need to address. The problem goes beyond appearance issues – if left unfixed, they can lead to significant roof damage that require frequent and costly repairs. Roof installation contractor DePalma Roofing & Construction shares the three possible reasons why asphalt shingle roofs look wavy or rippled. 

1. Wind Damage

Strong winds can push up shingles and make them look rippled. If your shingles are not cracked or creased, then it only needs to be smoothed back down. Adhesives will be reapplied to hold them in place better. However, if there are creases and cracks on your shingles, then the affected shingles need to be replaced.

There will also be times when your shingles are not creased or cracked but have lost their protective granules due to long-term exposure to the elements. These specks of crushed rock are embedded on your shingles to protect your roof against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and the weather in general. If you find some of them collecting in your gutters or yard, it’s a sign that your roof is due for a replacement.

2. Leaks

Some roof leaks are so small that they go undetected. These can be extremely dangerous for your roof system as well as the home’s structure if they’re not addressed promptly. These leaks usually start by penetrating the shingles and pooling up in the underlayment where they can go unnoticed for many weeks or months. From there, the water will move onto the decking and into your home. The trapped moisture will warp your shingles, which leads to rippling and buckling. Scheduling a roof inspection at least twice a year helps to avoid any of these from happening.

3. Manufacturer Defects

There may also be times when the rippling and buckling is a result of a manufacturer’s defect on your shingles. While this poses a threat to your home, there’s not much need to worry about it since this is usually covered by your warranty. As long as the shingles are installed by contractors authorized by the manufacturer, then you can expect your roofer to replace the affected shingles.

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