If you’re planning to sell your home soon, it helps to make the right decisions to ensure potential homeowners consider your property. This usually means making certain renovations that help increase its curb appeal and presentability, but you should also consider bigger projects that can increase its resale value. One of such projects is a roof replacement, which takes careful planning and consideration.

Newly-Built Roof

To understand how investing in a new roof increases your home’s property value, our roofing and storm damage repair team at De Palma Construction explains more below:

Your Roof’s Current Conditions

For many homeowners looking to sell their homes quickly, it makes sense to get a new roofing system. But before you decide to get a full replacement, consider your roof’s current condition. If it’s only installed a few years ago and has been maintained regularly, this can be an attractive feature to future buyers. They wouldn’t want to buy a home and then undertake additional roof renovations, especially if they don’t have the necessary funds to do so. They might avoid homes that have water stains on walls and ceilings either, as this indicates a leaking roof.

Even if your roof looks mostly intact, don’t assume that it won’t have any underlying roofing problems. Make sure to get it inspected and appraised before getting a proper roof replacement so that you can make your decision based on your roof’s current condition. Keep in mind that necessary repairs can be more cost-effective if your roof only sustained minor damage, but if the damage is too costly for extensive repairs, you might as well invest in a full roof installation.

How Does a Roof Replacement Increase Your Home’s Value?

Many future homebuyers will want a home that’s practically ready to move in. This means it has been renovated to make it ready for the next owner, especially with a newly-replaced roof that’s projected to last for many years. While this will require some investment, this is often worth the cost as a new roof enhances not just your home’s visual appeal but also increases its resale value!

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