When your roof has leaks, you won’t think twice on getting it fixed to avoid water damage. But even without a roof leak, your inner roofing structure is still susceptible to mold and rot if not maintained properly. Expert storm damage repair contractor De Palma Construction explains what you need to know:

storm damage repair moisture damage

How Moisture Ends Up in Your Roof

When moisture from within your home rises up and escapes through the roof, it condenses as it comes into contact with the roof. When this happens, it transforms from gas to a liquid state, and as the condensation accumulates, it creates a damp and wet roof environment that will eventually affect the other layers of your roofing system such as the shingles. 

Ventilation problems can also cause moisture to accumulate and condense within your roofing system. Normally, a good roof ventilation system allows air to stream in across the underside of the roof through vents at the soffit and then exit at the ridge or gables. But if the soffit vents are blocked or don’t have adequate ventilation installed, the air coming into the attic won’t be able to sweep the moist air away from the surface of the roof deck. This will result in increased moisture and condensation. Consult with your trusted contractor to conduct a thorough roof inspection to determine whether you need more vents installed.

How It Damages Your Roof

  • Damaged Shingles – Moisture often makes the shingles more susceptible to leaks as it can make the granules more loose and form deep cracks. Blistering shingles also make the roof more susceptible to moisture accumulation, as it puts your roof at risk of water intrusion when it rains or snows.

  • Mold and Rot – Moist and damp conditions on your roof and in your attic space make it ideal for mold to grow. This can become a health risk if you have family members with asthma or allergies.  

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