Your commercial roofing system is a big investment, so it’s only natural that you protect it through proper care and maintenance. You’ll also need to learn how to protect it from punctures to ensure it stays effective throughout its expected lifespan. This means being aware of the usual causes behind punctures and taking the right precautions to prevent them. To help you out, top roof repair and replacement contractor DePalma Construction shares more insight.

Commercial Roof

Common Causes Behind Punctures

Roof traffic is one of the main causes of roof punctures and tears. This can happen when people walk over your roofs or when tools are dropped on the surface while service crews work on HVAC units and other equipment installed on top of your building. Even if your roof doesn’t have too much foot traffic, birds, rodents and other animals can peck and scratch the membrane surfaces. Weather, particularly heavy rainfall and hailstorms, can also be a major cause of punctures and tears. Strong winds can slowly pull up torn roof membranes and blow debris on the surface, worsening the problem further.

How to Prevent Roof Membrane Punctures

Membrane roof punctures and tears can be reduced with the right safety measures and precautions. If you have repair personnel assigned to work on your commercial roofing system, consider screening them carefully to ensure they have enough experience when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

Any existing punctures and tears must be repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Putting off the necessary repairs can leave your roof more susceptible to damage caused by moisture and other elements. This may result in leaks, rot and rust on your roof’s structural components. If there are nearby trees with overhanging branches, we recommend trimming them to prevent them from becoming wind-blown debris when extreme weather hits your area.

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