Commercial and residential roofing systems both require routine inspections and proper care for their efficiency and longevity. You must work with a reliable professional for the maintenance plan of your commercial roof. Doing some research will help you know more about your roof and determine what it needs to stay in good shape and last longer.

Commercial Roof Management

Here are questions your contractor might ask when creating your commercial roof management strategy.

What’s the Age of Your Roof?

Expect your contractor to ask for the basic details of your roof. They might ask when you got it and who installed it. Some request design documents, proof of maintenance and photos documenting past issues with your roof. They would want to know problems that occurred in the roofing system in the past.

How Often Do You Have Your Roof Checked?

Commercial roofing contractors usually ask about your approach toward your roof. You shouldn’t just have it checked when there’s already something wrong with the system. Regular inspections can help professionals detect and fix issues before they cause costly problems inside your building.

What Kind of Equipment Do You Have Inside the Building?

Your priorities greatly depend on what kind of equipment you have inside your building. Does your business require expensive equipment to run or do you own a residential building? What’s in your roof management strategy depends on what’s below your roof.

What Are Your Plans for Your Building?

Do you have plans to sell your building or relocate soon? Your plans in the next few years also determine the contents of your roof management strategy. When your contractor knows about your intentions, they can give you better recommendations and roofing advice.

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