No matter where you live, it’s highly critical to install your roof accordingly to keep you and your family safe— most importantly from fire. In this post, your trusted residential roofing expert will talk you through the possible and easiest ways to ensure you’re reducing fire risk for your system.

Reducing Fire Risks for Roofs

1. Utilizing Class A roofing materials. Whenever choosing materials for your system, always opt for those with a Class A fire rating. This guarantees that the material is able to resist fire, helping minimize fire damage. Avoid roofing products with a Class C rating or those with no ratings. Class C roofs can only offer minimal protection, while unrated roofs cannot provide any protection at all.

2. Roof repair. Always keep an eye out for cracks in your roof as these could potentially compromise your roof during a fire. These types of roof damage can reduce the effectiveness of your roof system in resisting fire. If the damage has been extensive making your underlayment exposed to the elements, your roofer might recommend roof replacement instead. Take note that both renewal and having them fixed must be done immediately to avoid further damage.

3. Keep the roof clean. To reduce the risk of fire, make sure to keep your rooftop clean. If there’s a buildup of dust, leaves, twigs on your residential roofing, the debris may catch fire, burn for an extended period, and cause the roofing material to ignite as well. It’s also beneficial to trim trees around the roof and avoid stacking firewood close to your property.

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