The soffits are the exposed surfaces beneath the roof’s overhang. As inconspicuous as they are, they play a vital role in your roof’s physical appearance and ventilation. However, the soffits are a prime target for issues that can affect the roof as a whole due to their strategic location. What are they exactly? Local storm damage repair contractor DePalma Roofing & Construction discusses the soffit problems to keep an eye out for.

Soffit Problems

Signs of Soffit Damage

Problems in your soffits usually stem from water intrusion that results in wood rot and mold and mildew growth. It usually happens when there’s too much debris inside your gutter system to the point that standing water backs up and flows to the side. Some of the residue left on the edge of the roof slowly drips and lands on the soffits, exposing the material to further moisture damage.

While you perform a visual roof inspection, be on the lookout for the following signs of soffit damage:

  • Water stains or streaks

  • Constant wet appearance

  • Dampness, which you can feel when you touch the soffit’s surface

  • Small openings like cracks, holes, or gaps

  • Paint blisters

  • Black or greenish streaks, which is an indication of mold growth

Dealing With Soffit Damage

Painting over the unsightly soffit surface won’t do much to fix the issue. Neither is chopping off the defective section. Doing either one without identifying the source will only worsen the issue and affect the rest of your roof, including the fascia and the roof’s structure components like the rafters and trusses.

Prevention is still the best way to head off potential issues that may affect your roof, including its soffits. In addition to regular maintenance, you must also remove any debris collecting inside your gutters. Consider investing in a gutter protection system as an alternative to cleaning; such a product helps guide rainwater runoff toward the gutter trough and not to your soffits.

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