Your roof will last a lot longer if you take measures to ensure its longevity and weather performance. This means implementing good maintenance habits, from performing regular inspections to fixing issues before they become worse. Learn how you can extend the lifespan of your residential roofing system by keeping in mind the following tips:

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Schedule Roof Inspections

A roof inspection scheduled once every season is ideal, but it also makes sense to carry out one after a major weather event like tropical and winter storms. Look for damaged, missing, or buckled shingles and take the necessary steps to have them repaired or replaced. Also, check sections of the roof where there’s a huge chance of insect or critter infestation.

Trim Back Trees

Overhanging tree branches rubbing against your roof can wear down the asphalt shingles. They’re also a threat to break and land on your roof during a severe storm, further damaging the roofing material. They can also give squirrels, raccoons and other related wildlife access to your home. Be sure to cut the branches before they grow and touch the exterior of your home.

Inspect and Repair

When inspecting your roof for signs of damage, pay attention to areas particularly vulnerable to leaks. Flashings, for instance, cover entry points into your roof. Be sure to look for punctures or dents, as well as a loose or dried-out sealant. When a leak develops, get in touch with your local roof repair contractor as soon as possible to determine its source.

Remove Debris from Your Roof and Gutters

Leaves and twigs can damage your roof by encouraging wood rot and algae growth. Of course, these types of debris can also clog your gutters, compromising your roof and the other exterior components of your home. Make it a point to include roof and gutter cleaning in your home maintenance tasks.

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