With the warm weather right around the corner, you’ll also need to start thinking about maintaining your home and addressing any damage it sustained during the winter months. This includes your roof, which is meant to protect your home from the weather throughout the year. But for it to stay effective, you need to ensure it’s properly cared for and maintained by a trusted contractor. This should be done at least once a year, and there’s no better time to do that than this spring! To help you out, our roofing and storm damage repair team at DePalma Construction shares some spring maintenance tips:

Spring Maintenance

Conduct a Basic Inspection

Before considering climbing your roof, you can inspect it from the ground for any sign of disrepair. Look for damaged flashings, rotting fascia and soffits, and missing shingles. Your roof may have also sustained moisture and ice damage due to melted snow. Address these issues right away to minimize rot and mold caused by existing leaks.

Even with a visual inspection, you’ll still need to enlist the help of a professional contractor who can perform the roof inspection more thoroughly. You’ll have to start looking for one early in the season as well since spring is a busy time for many professional roofers.

Use the Right Tools

When it comes to routine roof cleaning and maintenance, you’ll have to invest in the right tools and equipment. Some of the most essential tools in roof maintenance include a sturdy ladder and gutter cleaning tools. The idea is to perform routine checks on your roof to ensure that it’s kept in good condition, and with the right equipment, you won’t see this as a tiresome task. This is crucial not just for convenience but also for your safety!

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