Stand outside your front door and look up at the roof. The material that veers out from the siding of your house? That is the soffit. It covers the roof’s eaves where the fascia and gutters are attached to the wall. In this article, a reputable residential roofing contractor discusses the essential functions of soffit for your home.

roof soffits

  1. The soffit serves as a passive ventilation system for your attic. The soffit keeps warm, moisture-filled air from entering the attic space, condensing and creating mold. Before soffits became a popular ventilation method, homes used hood vents or gable vents to encourage proper airflow. However, these conventional methods were not able to circulate all the air, so mold would grow in the insulation where it failed to receive air circulation.

  2. The soffit prevents pests from slipping into the roofing system. Aside from protecting the rafters from weather elements, the soffit is also responsible for keeping pests and other small animals, like raccoons, from gaining access to your home through the roofline or gutters and nesting in your attic. Animals can chew your roofing components and cause extensive damage if left unchecked. If your roof-mounted electrical systems, for example, are compromised, it will contribute to poor air quality throughout the interior space. This means not only will you need to call a roof repair specialist but also an electrician to fix the issue.

How to Keep Soffits in Good Condition

It is important to keep your soffit in tip-top shape all year round in order to prevent stressful and expensive problems from occurring. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep gutters clean and free of debris.

  • Keep the soffit well-sealed and caulked.

  • Check the soffit for bees, hornets, wasp nests, and more.

  • Make sure the attic fan is clean and in working order.

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