When you’ve recently had your residential roofing done recently, then there shouldn’t be anything to worry about so long as they’ve done it professionally and efficiently. However, there are some cases where roof repairs didn’t solve the issue immediately, which can mean several things such as having more roofing problems that were not easily spotted.


In your case, if leaks are still present despite getting it resolved professionally, here are a couple of possibilities why:

Water Traveled to Other Problematic Areas

If the leaks occurred on the left side of your roof and they were repaired yet the right side is equally problematic but was not addressed, the water will likely go to the right side and new leaks will appear in that area. This is why it’s recommended to get your entire roof checked out by a trusted professional when you get it repaired, so that every problem spotted will be resolved properly.

The Roof Isn’t the Only Issue

There’s a possibility that the leaks are coming from somewhere around or within your roofing system. If that’s the case, then it can be more difficult to find where the leaks are coming from, even for experienced contractors. In fact, the problem may not be just on your roof alone.

Finding the Cause of Your Roof Leak

When it comes to roof leaks, where the leaks seem to come from are often different from where the actual leaking areas are. It’s not surprising to learn from your trusted roof installation contractor that the leak on the corner of your living room is actually due to an issue on your roof that’s particularly in an area at the other side of your home.

Keep in mind that water will always flow downwards and they move in different directions when it meets obstructions. As a result, contractors will need to thoroughly investigate and identify the path of the water to get a gist of which section of the roof is the leak originating from. This is why most experienced contractors prefer checking roofs for leaks during the daytime.

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