When it’s finally time to get a new roof, there are a few things you need to prepare to ensure its success. To help you out, our roofing and storm damage repair team at De Palma Construction has put together a list on what you need to do:

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Secure Your Landscaping

Your landscape can be potentially damaged by roofing debris if it’s not properly secured. Professional roofers are usually prepared for this by implementing measures (such as a tarp)  to protect your landscape and water features from the incoming debris. 

It also helps to turn off the pumps to your water features during the installation. This includes your pool, sprinklers, spa, and even your hot tub, and they should be turned off a day before the renovations begin. Trim any overhanging branches to prevent them from scratching your roof, and mow your lawn as well before the project starts so that cleanup will be easier afterward.

Check Your Electrical Outlets and Circuit Breakers

During a roof installation project, your contractor will most likely use your home’s electricity for their air compressors and power tools. It helps to check your circuit breaker if it’s in good condition and don’t forget to make your outlets accessible to prevent delays. If you’re not always present to supervise the project, be sure your contractor has your contact information in case electrical issues happen such as a tripped circuit breaker.

Keep Your Children and Pets Safe

As soon as your roofing replacement project starts, your home becomes a live construction site. If you have children, all the construction equipment and roofing materials can make them curious, which also means they can potentially get into an accident. As for your pets, they may get stressed out by the noise and act out on unfamiliar people during the renovation process. To avoid this, have your children and pets stay at a friend or neighbor’s place until the project’s complete.

As a reputable roof inspection contractor in the area, De Palma Construction has got you covered. To get started on your roof replacement, call us at (717) 638-1131 or fill out our convenient contact form