The contractor you choose for roof installations, maintenance and repairs play a significant factor in the health of your residential roofing system. If they are not qualified or experienced enough, your roof can suffer from poor workmanship and damage. As such, it’s very important to hire the best contractor for roofing work.  

With many different roofing companies out there, it can be difficult to choose one. You may find plenty of reputable and popular roofers from out of town – or even out of state – who might be able to get the job done quickly. However, when it comes down to choosing between a local roofing contractor and a roofer who is not, it’s best to go with the former.

There are so many benefits you get from choosing a local roofing company for your needs. DePalma Roofing & Construction, a top residential and commercial roofing company in the state, explains why you should hire a local roofing contractor. 

The Importance of Hiring a Local Roofing Contractor

Building codes may vary from town to town. Since local roofing contractors live in your area, they are familiar with the local climate. They also know more about building installation regulations and other paperwork required to comply with the requirements provided by your local government. This saves you time and money when dealing with insurance or selling your home. Additionally, local contractors also have their own, physical office in your area, making it easier for you to contact them about roofing projects you have in mind.

If you choose out-of-state roofing companies, you may put the health of your roof at risk. For instance, in the event of a severe storm, roofing contractors from outside the area may take advantage of the aftermath. They are called “storm chasers” and will undercut local roofing company prices and offer exceptionally low prices in an attempt to get you to buy their services or roofing materials. Most of the time, their services are poor-quality and cheap. Once you find an issue after they’re done working on your roof, they’ll already be out of town by then, leaving you to hire a local roofer to perform the right type of roof repair. Not only that, but it’s also likely that there’s no warranty on their workmanship. 

Thus, local roofers are better suited for your roofing work. By choosing a contractor located close to where you live, you support your local economy while also making sure your roof receives the best treatment possible. Should an issue come up after the installation, you won’t have a difficult time tracking them down. In addition to that, you can easily consult their previous clients about their services. Chances are, they also live in your neighborhood or area. 

What to Look for in Your Roofing Contractor

After learning about the benefits of hiring a local roofing company for the job, you need to know what to look for in a local roofing contractor. Whether you need roofing work for your residential or commercial roofing system, your roofer must provide top-quality work. We list a few things you should consider when hiring a roofing contractor:

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

During the interview, be sure to ask your potential roofing contractor if they are licensed, bonded, and insured. Take note, however, that the state you live in may have different requirements for each. Therefore, it’s best to research your local codes to ensure your contractor has all the necessary permits. 

  • Licensed. If your state requires a contracting license, make sure your prospective contractor has one. A reputable contractor will provide proof and tell you upfront what is required. Roofing work is a major investment, so you need to make sure your contractor is qualified.

  • Bonded. This ensures that your investment is protected. If something goes wrong during the middle of a job or the company suddenly goes out of business, the customer can fall back on the bond company. 

  • Insured. The ideal roofing contractor should be completely insured with general liability as well as worker’s compensation. Keep in mind that these may depend on the size of the jobs. General liability on small residential work, for example, may not be as much as a company that does large commercial jobs. 

Positive Reviews

Another way you can check the services of your potential roofing contractor is by reading their reviews on their site or via a Google search. In fact, looking at online reviews is the main way customers choose a service or company. You can tell a lot from the online reviews of the roofing company, from their roof repair and replacement expertise to general professionalism. However, take note that not all reviews may be accurate. It’s still important to observe how your roofing contractor interacts with their clients and does things the right way. 

Certified by Shingle Manufacturers

If the roofing contractor is known for their quality of services in the community, top shingle manufacturers will seek them out to associate their brand with the contractor’s brand. This allows for many benefits, including the contractor offering the best warranties on the materials from the manufacturer. By certifying these top roofing contractors, shingle manufacturers show their trust in the contractor and the quality of their work. They know that the contractor will install their products correctly and make sure that the customer gets the most out of their materials.

Years in the Business

How many years is your potential roofing contractor in business? If you choose a newer company, their prices will likely be a lot cheaper, but may also not have the best equipment compared to a company that’s been around for 20 years. Nevertheless, roofing companies that have been in the business longer don’t mean they provide better services. There may still be a lot of young companies in your area. Still, take note that most startup roofing companies may close after four years. If something goes wrong with your roof five years from now, you want to ensure that the company will still be there to take care of your investment.

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